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Who should you consult with regarding your personal and financial affairs during and after COVID19?

Updated: May 2, 2020

You should consult with an Estate Planning Attorney regarding obtaining a Power of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directive, Will and or Revocable Trust.

You should consult with a Financial Planner regarding setting realistic savings goals, any big financial decisions such as a home purchase, funding your retirement and self-insuring in the event of an emergency.

You should consult with an Insurance Professional regarding obtaining a Term Life* Insurance policy to help provide for your family in the event you become unavailable.

On the nonprofessional front, you should reach out to the friends and family members you trust to help you manage your affairs regarding their willingness to help you. You should also discuss whether or not they are open to holding on to one or more of your estate planning documents for safekeeping. To make life easier for them, keep a master list of all of your digital accounts and passwords in a place where they can be easily accessed so they can take care of business.

You yourself should keep a hardcopy of all of your important documents in a firebox in a private place in your home. You should also keep high quality scanned copies. Remember to clearly label your documents. Some Attorneys will keep your original documents for safekeeping. You should ask your Estate Planning Attorney if they provide this service or if they have other helpful suggestions regarding where to keep your documents.

If you are married, you should be meeting with these professionals together as that will simplify the future planning process and help you both address your planning priorities. Finally, if you are married but planning to obtain a divorce, you should consult a Family Law Attorney in tandem with an Estate Planning Attorney.

If you would like assistance with virtually obtaining or changing an Estate Plan, please feel free to contact us at 213-272-1000.

Be Well!

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