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The Impact of Trauma on Young Students

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

The L.A. Times featured an article about the Share and Care program.  A program supported by Cedar Sinai that brings Art Therapy into schools.  If your student’s education is being negatively impacted by trauma….consider whether or not they might benefit from Individual Education Plan (IEP) and if they might qualify for Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Services (ERICS).  This form of counseling is more intensive than the typical counseling offered in schools.  The first thing to do is request that your student be evaluated to see if he/she might qualify for Special Education Services.  Remember there are students who receive IEPs for social emotional and behavior issues as well.  IEPs are not limited to students with learning disabilities.

“Scientists have studied the effects of trauma and chronic stress on children's behavior and health since the 1980s. But in the last two decades, said Marleen Wong, a professor in the the USC School of Social Work, researchers have shown how trauma affects children’s brain development and can change the way they are able to process information.”

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