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How to recognize the signs of Financial Elder Abuse

Sadly, Elder Abuse is on the rise in our country. As the Baby Boomer generation grows older, it is likely that we will start to see more and more elder abuse cases. Please see the checklist below to learn the signs of elder abuse and who to contact in the event you believe you or a loved one are a victim.

  • Forcing the elderly person to sign a will, deed, or power of attorney listing the perpetrator as the one who is responsible for the elderly person or who will gain when the individual dies

  • Forging the elderly person’s signature on checks or other documents

  • Stealing property or money from the elderly person

  • Promising to give the elderly person lifelong care only if they give them money or their property

  • Using the possessions or property of the elderly person without their permission

  • Perpetrating fraud, which is the use of trickery, false pretenses, deception or other dishonest acts in order to gain the person’s finances

  • Perpetrating cons or other confidence games in order to gain the trust of the elderly person

  • Perpetrating telemarketing scams in which the elderly person is called and deception, exaggerated claims or scare tactics are used to get the elderly person to send them money

  • Charging things against the elderly person’s credit cards without the authorization of the cardholder.

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