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How to handle complicated family dynamics when Estate Planning

Talking to your family about your Estate Planning decisions can be very difficult. Here are a few things to consider before disclosing your plans to your family and friends.​

  •  Are your family dynamics healthy?  

  • Who is likely to feel slighted?

  • Is there a way you can address any hurt feelings or misunderstandings now? 

  • Is there a history of abuse or neglect in your family?

  • Are your beneficiaries or designees financially independent?

  • Are your beneficiaries or designees responsible?

  • Are your beneficiaries or designees stable and grounded?

Some people find it beneficial to discuss their Estate Planning decisions openly with their family members while others think it best to keep their Estate Plans a secret after answering these questions.

Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your family’s dynamics with your Attorney so that you can ensure that your documents are safe.  You may also consider discussing any issues related to your family causing you concern with a trained therapist and or your Doctor. If you feel like others are inappropriately involved in your financial affairs or healthcare decisions, contact Adult Protective Services (877) 477-3646 right away because you may be the victim of Elder Abuse

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