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Tamiel S. Holloway  

Matthew Kimberlin 

Holloway Kimberlin, LLP

A Los Angeles ESTATE PLANNING Law Firm with the experience you need to guide your family during these uncertain times.

Our Attorneys Can Help You With:

  1. Due Process Complaints

  2. California Compliance Complaints

  3. Murphy Complaints

  4. Office of Civil Rights Complaint

  5. School District Grievances

  6. Special Education Services

Matthew Kimberlin 

What Our Law Firm Offers

At Holloway Kimberlin, our clients receive top-level estate plans at reasonable rates. Whether you need a straight forward will, have a special needs child to consider, or you have substantial assets to protect, we understand how to create an estate plan that fits your short and long term needs. With our current economic situation, it is more important than ever to ensure that your family is protected.


When it comes to estate planning, we understand that no two individuals are alike. For this reason, we will take a personal approach and let you know the most sensible, up to date legal options available.

Peace of Mind

With so many uncertainties surrounding us during this challenging time, we work closely with our clients on the one thing they can control: the terms of their estate plan. An attorney who practices estate planning law is the only person who can properly guide you to ensure the peace of mind that comes with a properly executed estate plan.

A Los Angeles Special Education Law Firm

Holloway & Kimberlin, LLP is your Special Education Law Firm in Los Angeles. We approach every case with dedication, professionalism, and a
portfolio of best practices including: 

Transparent Fees

Personalized Approach

Experienced Representation

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