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Special Education Resources to help you navigate COVID19

We hope you and your families are safe and well! We are writing to share some homeschooling and COVID19 resources that might help you better navigate this difficult time.  Many students are not receiving the services they are entitled to and the Districts are overwhelmed and ill equipped to address the unprecedented closures over the last few weeks.   Although the communication you send to your school District might not receive the attention it deserves, it is still important to advocate for the services that your Student requires.  You should communicate with your child's District in writing as much as possible.  You should also keep a diary regarding what services your child is entitled to receive at this time and what services your child is actually receiving at this time.  You should also note any new issues that arise with your child's learning including issues pertaining to retention and regression.  Your goal should be to ensure that you have a clear record in the event a dispute arises regarding your child's special education needs after schools start to return to normal.    1. This site provides information specifically regarding special education.*oib5dx*domain_userid*YW1wLVpCS2hxMHVXX2d5WFFuRmdRMnpkYmc. 2. This site offers a pretty comprehensive list regarding homeschooling resources.

3. These sites offer a range of supplemental resources ranging from coding, academics, college courses, activities and more. 4.  The Airtalk show is available on KPCC and Pandora.  The host Larry Mantle has had multiple episodes where he speaks to  district leaders and   parents.  He also did a segment on the state of Special Education during COVID19. 5. Here is some guidance from the state of California.

6. Please find some information regarding the Federal Government's position on "waivers" for School Districts during the COVID19 Pandemic.

7. Please find some information regarding LAUSD's efforts. They are currently providing "Grab & Go" meals for families and other resources such as a Mental Health hotline and online learning tools. There is also a specific number and email address for Special Education Families to contact for support.

8. Governor Gavin Newsom announced that regular school may start as early as July.

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